Inspire yourself to create inspiration

It’s not as easy as it sounds

Through strife and pain

Greatness is found

In oneself and in one’s eyes

We survive and we move on

We choose what’s important

And what we can be gone

It’s just that it’s not easy to  

Give up the vice

Give up the crutch

Get out of that house

Rise up from that rut

And see what you can do

Take your vision and give it life

Help stop the pain

Help end the strife

You need inspiration

So be the inspiration

Be the change

Be one less

Don’t limit your gift with unless

Take a deep breath

And get up off the floor

You know it won’t be easy

You know that there’ll be more

More struggle and more strife

But it’s worth it

To get inspired

To fight for your life

Your work

Your art

Your dreams

Grab the cloth that binds you

And tear it from the seems

Do not give up

Do not lose the fight

To make this world a better place

A world with more light

So until you’ve got your breath

Until you’re off the floor

I’m right here for you

Holding that door

That way for you to get out

That way for you to find home

In whatever you may need

A world of your own.

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