Dear Mr. Right

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 00:42 -- hcumbie

Someday we shall meet and everything will fall in place,

without the any notice and your arrival and be unexpected,

when I have fallen you will be there to help me back up,

your out there as well waiting for me...

that image is what keeps me going for now

...till your arrival...

all I can do now is wait for my Mr. right to come along

to save the day my superman to wonder women,

so he can be the fire to my rocket ship,

him the prince and I his princess

but till then...

I wait for your arrival....

I wont look for you, I wont settle for just any guy,

it shall happen unexpectedly when I have no control or thought

on the questions of "wait does he really like me?" or "Will he hurt me?" it will no longer be a mystery but until then...i shall wait

till your arrival

When you will come in and change my life, that no matter what, i wont fear

& to know that you have my back and that I will trust you, you wont let me fall,

For you to love me as I will love to you and care for you as you will for me,

To have those special memories that I can hold on tight too,

and share later on in life but until that day...

i shall wait


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