I Speak Without My Mouth


I was born without a mouth,

And taught never to shout out,

Or questions things or try to change,

It’s best if it remains the same.


Without a mouth,

There is no voice,

That can be heard,

There is no choice.


Open eyes are forced to see,

Many things that should not be,

 But with no mouth, how can I say?

These things I see are not okay.


Please help, I need to get away,

But with no mouth, what can I say?

Taught never to complain,

I can pretend that it’s okay.


Pretty face and pretty hair,

“That’s my daughter standing there.”

Father really doesn’t care,

“She’s beautiful beyond compare.”


Without a mouth I learned to hide,

The things that had built up inside,

With no escape to set them free,

Unsaid words slowly killing me.



That poor, poor girl who cannot talk,

She doesn’t have a mouth,

There’s no way that she’ll ever be able,

To get all those words out.


The build up just gets stronger,

It’s like poison in my skin,

Words bubble up, exploding,

Looks like society will win.


But I have a power you don’t have,

You never could possess,

I have finally found release,

My mind can finally rest.


And the words,

The flow like waterfalls,

Into a lake into a sea,

And the painted faces of the world,

Whisper, “How can it be?”

“Surely we had crippled her,

She was born without a mouth,

It’s impossible, how did she get,

All of these stories out?”


And finally I am at peace,

Finally I am free,

I have found my escape,

Of words through poetry.


Things I never could have said,

Can finally be heard,

I can express my thoughts now,

Without saying a word,


So let the people gawk and stare,

And forever wonder how,

Words of such beauty came,

From the girl without a mouth.




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