Lonely Heart

You impacted my life and let me get ahead

How you can be so simple, yet so complex

Words, you were my first love

for you have taught me a lot.

The way you let me travel to a new world or let me express myself

a poem,a sonnet, a song.


It gave me love and hope

Compared my beauty to the stars

Or how the constellations in the sky shined ever so bright

how the sunrise peaks a new dawn and new day

And how we must live on.


Taught me the sorrow and tragedy.

How sometimes the pain in your heart eats you up everyday

How this pain in your chest makes it hard to breathe but even so,you must go on.

How if you let it, your life can be a boring routine waiting to eat you up and consume you

Because it will lead you to insanity.


Taught me about struggles and pain

Of struggling to get to the top

To make it in this lonely,cruel world

Because you have no one.



To feel neither sad nor angry

But empty.


That was me.

But with words to bring it all into place I have found my my missing pieces

No longer with a hole inside my chest

I was now complete.


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