No One


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United States
47° 44' 20.4108" N, 118° 43' 55.7544" W


Hello, hello, is there anyone here.

Please hear my cries if there’s anyone there.

Oh dear God, what have I done?

Is this where my downfall thus begun.


They said they would help me, aid me when I was in need.

They would come if I had a dire plea.

Though it turs that you can never trust the person’s sound.

                                          For they cared not, their words, false-bound.


You walk before you run.

You first wear floats when you swim.

It takes time to be strong.

To not be some wimp.


But I wasn’t ready.

I knew nothing of this.

You knew my mind was empty.

That my mind was full of ignorant bliss.


But care at all did you?

No! You were in it for the pleasure.

The humor of watching me get up and fall.

Brought joy to your heart as it stuck a knife through mine.


So when I thought you were there.

It was really the wolves.

The ones who tore me down and chewed me up.

They who put me in this cold grave.


I thought we were friends.

I thought we were family!

Turned out your own very lies,

could turn out so egregiously.


So was there anyone there?

Anyone at all?

Who could help me through life?

Through a death or a brawl?


No, it was just me and my thoughts.

In which you guided me to become so lost.

So before you say anything that you’d think different.

I know the truth like, so in the future, have fun paying the cost.


By: Chris Matico


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