I Miss You

I miss you.

I miss you as much as i miss the first taste of summer wehn winter hits.

Or as much as i miss the first frost at the peak of those dog days.

Six years have gone by without you here.

My inpsiration derives from your bones.

Each brush stroke is your life span.

You created my passion and I live in your honor.

I miss you so much.

A generation gaps us and yet friendship was vivid.

Family dinners created my grin.

So many smiles you had though the pain you went through.

You took special care of it, growing inside you.

Until it became too much.

Your hand in hand with your wife.

Lifeless and faint.

You daughter, my mother, her sister and brother .

All sit beside you as your last breath is hitched.

It snowed the day your life was celebrated.

What was released from all of our lips that day was.

"I miss you."


This poem is about: 
My family


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