Possibility-Stella D’Vine

Consider the possibility of happiness.

To move forward.

To allow yourself to be wrapped in the warm blanket of positivity.

To not allow yourself to sink in defeat.

To resurface and regain strength by surrounding yourself with love and the people who matter.

To not let a pebble on the road taint your paint.

To not let a grey cloud mess your day.

To feel happy even when you can’t find it.

To feel loved even when you don’t.

To find that space where you can scream and shout and let it go.

Find that happy medium and start living.

Life’s too short to hold on to the past.

Let go and appreciate all you have, all you’ve done, all that you’ve gotten.

Take nothing for granted and live life the way it’s meant to and let go of the past because there is nothing there.

Do remember the good times, not the bad and in time the world will seem like a better place.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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