Endless Nights

    How could they do this to us , knowing we were against it

Knowing the pain, the scars,the memories we now have to keep  forever

How they used to beat us like dogs until some were dead and were thrown into the pits

What they did to us wasn't even clever

How could they make us freeze in the cold breezy icy air as the icicles fell

Those needles that poked me to permanently put the number 326480 in my skin

Felt like dead flowers who no longer had a soul within' 

I felt darkness creeping in through my room door

That pain was nothing compared to those things they did called sin

 Oh, those memories give me the chills to realize the pain in store

I know I’m not perfect but what did I do to deserve this

I couldn't give my own mother one last kiss

Oh how I miss her, my sister, my mother, my father too

All the Germans screamed at us saying, “Boo, to you!”

But I’m lucky I survive all of this

'cause I have a lovely wife, a family, someone who I can give a kiss

Tattoos were the worst 'cause they made us feel bad

Everyone felt worried, lonely, and very sad

The nights felt endlessly not knowing if  I’ll get killed next

ohhh, those nasty, dirty, disgusting objects

I remember those nights where it felt so calm, so sweet, so soft

I'm Elie Wiesel and I survived the Holocaust


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