Lingering Spark

Stripped of my confidence,
I am struck by your harsh words.
You tell me that I cannot do it,
that I cannot achieve my dreams.
I am a fool, a mistake into this world.
A loner. A nobody.

Every day,
every minute,
and every second,
I always feel the burden of your words.
I walk with my shoulders slumped,
my head down,
my hair covering my face.
Shy, weird,
yes, people would call me that.

Your words,
they stay permanent in my head.
You don't even need to use a permanent pen to mark your win
because I am already trapped,
bullied by those words.

Don't you see how great of an effect you have on me?
Don't you notice that I am deprived of my self-esteem,
my happiness,
my being.
I am merely an empty shell,
walking with no destination.
My dreams were crushed into specks
by your lovely, foul

Words do have power
and I believe that.
Do you?
Of course not.
You're pride is as tall as a skyscraper
and your ego is big as this universe.
You have an everlasting supply of self-confidence.

I am decaying.
And you,
you are growing
taller and stronger.

But today,
I will rise up
and become my own
I will design
and build myself.

You wonder how
and where I found the
strength to construct
a stronger me?

I recognized a
lingering spark in me.
The spark that I thought had disappeared.
And you know how you said that you
burnt that spark out?
Well, you were wrong.
You never fully extinguished
my spark.

I will rise
and reclaim my life!
You are going to watch me
rise to the top
and overcome the obstacles.
Those obstacles that I once saw as tremendous and fearful;
they are now little and

Standing at the top,
I realize that I always possessed equal strength.
I was blinded by fear
and I locked my confidence
But after today,
there will be no more locking myself.
I will be free,
free of your chains
and mine.

I looked inside of me
and guess what I found?
That one lingering spark.

Poetry Slam: 


Clio Texana

Thanks for sharing this.  I'm so glad you found your spark again! 

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