Inspire Me


I am searching for an inspiration

Something to allow me to get into action

Yet, I am stuck to this ground

I try to move, but my body is bound


The fear is overwhelming

Surely, I am screaming and yelling

No one seems to be looking

This is a battle I am surely losing


I glance at what is surrounding me

In a hope to see what the answer may be

The expectations are higher than what they appear

Frantically looking then suddenly face to face with a mirror


There I see my own reflection

A girl with a deep realization

She is smiling at me as if I was insane

Wondering why I have to complain


Obviously, she knows more than I do

She seems to know where I have been to

Shaking her head as her eyes are telling me a story

Reassuring that things will be fine and there's no need to worry


Determined that I will have a successful future

I will not settle for becoming another failure

These roots are keeping me grounded

But these branches are sprouting beyond it


As time continues to go by

I will have my dreams touch the sky

I smile during the night, looking at a star

Just because I know my desires are never far


With all the possibilities out there

I have made myself become self aware

I will have my hopes and dreams fulfilled

And I will never let them be taken as being surreal


As I look forward to tomorrow

I will try not to overlook any sorrow

Today's pain will be gone before the sun rises again

And with my faith, I will say a little prayer then followed by an amen.



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