How one job could save a life

Tue, 03/11/2014 - 14:17 -- lindz85

I am bumped and shoved,

Yet somehow that doesn’t affect me.

I love New York.

It’s where I belong.

Getting caught in the hustle and bustle that the city life has to offer,

That’s what I want.

I may be a little girl in a big city,

But someday that will change.

One day I will have my own office.

I’ll be sitting up high in a building overlooking the streets of New York City.

I want to have a successful career.

Not because I want to be rich.

Not because I want to live a lavish lifestyle.

I’ve never had that…

I’ll never want that…

Success to me isn’t about the paycheck,

It’s that I have done what people said I could not do.

“How will you get through college without me?” she says,

Yet she’s not the reason I am where I am today.

And somehow,

I am still in the top ten of my class.

I have done fine without you.

I am independent.

She’s stressed about the financial burden of college,

I get it.

But so am I.

I don’t get enough credit.

All of the work that I’ve done to this day,

She’ll never know…

Never understand…

Nothing I do is ever enough…

I’m done.

Fed up.

Ready for the next step of my life.

Because I have nothing to lose,

But so much to prove.

I am ready…

Ready to graduate.

Ready for college.

Ready to meet new people.

Ready to get an internship in NYC,

And then a job.

I am so close to starting my future I can taste it.

The finish line is months away and then I’m free.


Free to make my own choices.

To make my own mistakes.

But it will be okay,

Because I trust myself.

And I know that I will get to where I want to be.

No longer will I be a little girl in a big city,

Watching people dressed up in business attire going to work.

That will be me

And I hope that someday I will inspire another little girl,

Like these strangers have inspired me,

Because I have no other way to repay them,

Then to help someone as they’ve helped me.

They will never know…

They gave me something to wake up for every day,

Knowing I have a great future ahead of me.

Something to strive for.

Something to live for…

One day I WILL inspire others,

Give them something to live for,

Let them know that everything will be okay,

Because that was once me…

I am bumped and shoved,

But I have not fallen…

I will always stand strong,

And give back,

Because that is what success was meant for.


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