From Time


Ain't it funny how life is always filled with pain

Take amounts that the body really can't sustain


You're so depressed, you question your own state of mind 

& you can't see the bigger picture like you've gone blind


You start to ask yourself where life is gonna flow 

Smile at the little things, hoping they will grow 


Into bigger & better moments, guess we'll never know 

If looks could kill, I'd be dead years ago 


The worst part about being an underdog is the doubt 

Everybody putting you down, counting you out 


Know you ain't going nowhere if you just sit & pout 

Call my heart an empty desert, dryer than a drought 


Step between the doors of Austin Prep feeling alone 

Knew from day 1, at some point, I'd be on my own 


They all broke me down to pieces, left the skin & bones 

So I continue to pray that destiny will call my phone 


It's a shame, I'm graduating with no one to call a friend 

Someone by my side that'll ride with me through the end


Which makes me question if anyone will really remember me 

Cause from the looks of things, they all just wanna dismember me 


Yeah it hurts to be hated, but nothing will last forever

When I graduate, I wish luck on their endeavors 


If I make it out this school with happiness in my heart 

Then I wouldn't change a thing, from the end to the start 



It's come to attention that love is not in the air 

I would give some away, but I have none to share 


Cause frankly, all the hatred has taught me not to care 

It's an eye for an eye, so I guess it's only fair 


If I tell em that I never wanted to the one 

The heart hurts once she pulled the trigger on the gun


I hurt you so many times, so I guess I had it coming 

Told me to march to my own beat, so I got to drumming 


If I told you I was sorry, would I be forgiven ?

If I told you that I loved you & you keep me driven ?


To be the next big thing that I see my visions 

I was never known in life to make the best decisions 


But yet, they always keep saying everybody makes mistakes 

But how many mistakes can a single man make 


When it comes true love & you know your heart's at stake 

Of being dropped to the ground & laughed at when it breaks 


They ask me am I sick of love or am I love sick ?

Do you ever stick to love or make love stick ?


Who'd of thought house of love could be made out of bricks 

Girl, I only need you, forget these other chicks 


I mean it, you're the only one I'm looking for 

& if you leave me now, the pain will reach to the core 


Promise I will love you from the moon back & more 

Just give me the chance to show you what I have in store 

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