<3 Theres things in life we question

and always wonder "why?".

We're always lost in confusion,

in a maze we call 'life'.

But sometimes we need a break,

from the disasters in the air.

Sometimes we need to breathe out,

the exhaustion, grief and fear. 

So as I fall into the darkness,

unable to find the light.

Reminiscing the battlefields, 

I had to fight.

I pick up a pen,

and let my heart do its thing,

expressing every pain, heartaches, and stings.

Without words I would be,

filled with cuts and scars.

Without words I wouldn't be,

reaching for the stars.

I am not the creator of poetry.

Nor am I the maker of words.

Because writing is what shaped me,

molded me,

created me,

to the determined girl I am today.

It's the reason why I stay strong,

rather than running away. :)



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