I Can Change




and the possibility that I can grab which is beyond my reach.

I am not religious, but rather superstitious.

and Demons cloud my mind,

My faults manifest themselves as sin,

like crevasses into my fiery Soul.

I have the fire, oh by God I have the fire!

but will it fuel me or burn me up?

I will purge my impurities with heavenly fire,

but it may purge my body soul.

ashes may be all that remain for I am my impurities,

I am the Demons residing inside,

but others give me faith,

My fire will burn me, inspire me like a trail-blazing engine,

that will create paths like Aquarius,

and forge the roads and build the damns,

so that one day,



will know peace,

and with that spectacular soul,

comes my solace.

That i may be that soul one day.

So my fire will be the fuel that preserves innocence.

All I can do now is withstand the heat.




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