Full of knowledge

I received

Rooted deep in earth

I didn’t have to travel

I am the inner cup

Half full kind of tree

I listen to remember

Listen to the wind

Who carries stories

Far from here

Listen to the birds

Listen to the clouds

Leaves, bugs and passersby

Who stops sometimes

This once

Some creature

Wrinkled one

Almost as old, as me

Walking with my

Brother helping hand

And stopped by me

Telling me stories

While resting in my shade

Thanking me

I didn’t say a word

Creature just opened

Their self-up

To me sometimes

Pretending talking to

Little box

I know deep down

In my roots

That they wanted

To be heard

To be recorded

On the leaves

And send it to the sky

Like wish

To wash away a pain

With rain

And brightness into life

With sun

To save a life

With shooting star

And plant a seed

With every moon

So soon

Do seasons change

And when we stop

We growing inner tall


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