Letter to Dreams



big or

small let it

wander beyond

expectations and

conquer upcoming fears.

My dreams, please grant me with one

simple wish: make me a teacher,

whose essence nurtures hope in children

and armors future generations for

their battles against impending dangers.

My dreams, please name your price for this wish.

I will tread through multiple years

of studies, research, and toils

for the existence of

their promising

era of tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, please

lend me





from those who

send me trinkets

of faith and support:

my fellow mentors and

companions. My soft-hearted

dreams, please unfold yourself to

become my map of reality.

My dream, please make this the one job for me.



Mafi Grey

This was an eye opener, which in other words was really good...


Wow thank you so much for that comment! It made me so happy to see that my poem had such an impact! (:

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