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Mental manipulations manipulate your mind, while you are a sitting empty crack.
A treasured wrapper, unwrapped and tossed after being sucked of whatever treasures you have inside.
Inside your mind, you might think that you benefit but you are nothing but a parasitical victim
They pick up the shattered remains of that wrapper and reuse and recycle.
Definition by this edition can reach your rendition of what you think truth is.
Or do you lie to yourself? Tell yourself that everything is ok? That you can handle it on your own
Your own kind collapsed evil up on top of its self
Mankind thought they was the man and ate apples and spit that seed of sin down their throats
That sin, generation after generation, gets worse.
They chocked on their own mistakes
Mistakes made them get headaches as their head aches while they try to separate right from wrong
Wronged by their right, they thought their right was their left and now they left hungry and abandoned
Abandoned by their own rules, their own theories, letting the darkness control their mind
Mind you that God sees through your foolish pride, pride that you shouldn’t confide in.
Mind you that we should have been cut off, disconnected from the divine connection
But someone rewired the wire, restored the phone lines, and loved us enough to turn back on the lights.
He came down, and live that life that we couldn’t, walked with the humility and saved us
Crossed out and killed from humanity, the hero of the story gone, we lose hope
Hopeful of the possible, he does the impossible and beats death, curving the grave and resurrecting.
Resurrected by His will and His power, we came back from the spiritual death to take the treasure
A treasured wrapper, wrapped with the secret and the gift that Christ left behind.
As the Devil comes to unwrap and toss you to the garbage bag of fire
Fire up, because you aren’t a mistake
Mistaken if you thought you ever was
But it’s up to you whether you want to keep the treasure
Or unwrap that piece and toss it in the trash. YOLO.
You only live once, if you tossed the gift in the trash. You can recycle wrappers but the interior is sacred
Sacred beyond all belief because you’re going to live forever whether you want to or not
Hot or holy, you will spend eternity.
Your choice whether you want the dumpster or paradise.


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