Upward Spiral


United States
61° 11' 28.1184" N, 149° 53' 24.8712" W

When I was a kid I would constantly dream
About how I wanted my life to be
But I was afraid that I might lose my life to mediocrity
I feared not being able sustain my concentration
To create in my mind a dream free of limitations
So I wrote about it, inside my fear
I dreamed in my words and gained control of my mind
In systems of thought and synaptic maps of time
Then I could see the ultimate me
I would rise from my juvenescent poverty
But I was still afraid
What if I couldn't manifest what I imagined
Like that prison that couldn't hold Bruce Wayne
Stuck in a life looking up at the light
So I wrote about it, inside my fear
Goal in mind working towards that end
Now I live in the strongest sunlight
So many worlds away from where I started
So on track to the goal that I've so guarded
In my mind from weeds in this garden
And I'll never stop, I never can't be better
That is an upward spiral
That's why I write

Every kid that lives in a gray box
Because some adult kept them from a challenge that they lost
Just needs that word from someone who won
He just needs a bit of faith from the kings
She just needs a small push from the queens
It's the least a child deserves
There are troubled youth
Because the spirit of a child can only take so much abuse
There are broke men
Because life without spirit is broken before it can begin
Every teacher who crushed a dream
Every parent who made it seem like life is a chore
Every enlightened person who didn't show them
Life could be so much more
Thats why I write



This is beautiful.

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