Character Development

I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Knock you out faster than Muhammed Ali
Because the situation in this nation
requires some retaliation, vindication and education.
Space stations called Starbucks filling cups sending kids to the moon
high on caffeine to be able to get through
grabbing guns and killing little kids in school.
Run run as fast as you can. It'll take days to catch me,
the Boston Bombing man, accomplices and others yet unnamed.
The world is untamed where laws try to bide and subside
Mans animalistic tendencies. Religion stands to hold order
and destroy others in the name of a soul hoarder.
Jihad is not holy war and you are not a Muslim
Cain and Abel were kin, and look how far jealousy had pushed him.
A book of error creating terror, power and error. Growing nearer to the end of time and farther from the understanding, demanding things and withstanding the arrest, the crime you committed was being oppressed and finally letting stress, free and allowing your words to gain power and speak.
The met you at your peak and pinned you at the climax, Now the falling action leads to you demise now matter how you set your Timex.

The only crime Father Time ever committed was giving you the idea that your actions can be timeless.


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