What Sets Me Free


Oh, the battles one fights in this life I was given

To feel the pain fresh in my tears

is to feel the purest joy in my laughter.

All 'cause I know the struggle is real

In this world so far from home

I believed I could choose my own battles...

when those I love are away, I feel I'm so alone

and I worry for myself.

I wonder of my fate

What is my destiny? 

In my mind, I'm so isolated...

Then that's when I realize it's all up to me.

I, and I alone, must be the one to set me free.

I see my life in a whole new light,

shining even through the darkest nights.

"I'm on my own now!" I think

"And I could do whatever I want."

I'm no longer under my strict father's thumb.

It is I, and I alone, who controls my destiny.

I've been on this road of discovery

I've cried, I've laughed, I've been through a lot...

I thought I'd lose the one inside of me.

I've stumbled and I've fumbled, but what set me apart

Was having the faith deep in my heart.

And whatever I go through, I could choose who to be

And the knowledge that sets me free

is knowing that I'll always be me.



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