She jolts upwards

Blood rushing

Heart beating 


On the Chesapeake Bay

She saw a yellow stem from the heavens

Penetrating, Permeating, Provoking the water

 They call it a sun ray.


Hello, her name was Sunrise.

She was the first ray in her family

As a rooster squeals over a dawn-bright lawn

Ray-Chel would penetrate the night


Night: Silence. Coma. Death

 Ignorance. Dull. Mute. Still.

No. One. Speaks. Only. Whispers.

No. One. Moves. A. Muscle.


"Dear God," she writes,

"My dream job came in a dream.

Operation Ray, it will be called.

Bringing light to the hopelessness of night."


Cries. Pain. Death. Rape.: Night

Hunger, Sex trade: Global Nights

To this, I bring light.



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