Crazy Word ( 2011 )


Love .... One of the craziest words in the dictionary.

.... people use this word in many different ways , the right way , the wrong way , & their own way .

..... It Has the CRAZIEST effects on us ALL , !

... It Can be so BLIND , it can reform your Rights to Wrongs. and CONFUSE your Wants with Needs .

 ... See its JUST a word to SOME but to MOST the word Love ... empowers alot of things.

Happiness , Enjoyment , Hope , Laughter , and Pleasure can be effects of Love ...

Sorrow , Gloom , Depression and Misery, But to sum that all up.. PAIN Can be an effect of Love also...

You cant make anyone Love you ...

No matter how hard you try ..

Love just sometimes happens on its on..

Whether you like it or Not..


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