Bears Who Lost Their Buttons

I used to read stories about

bears who lost their buttons,

princesses who searched for something called “true love,”

and dancing dolls,

and they were real to me.

Then those realities became just stories

and another set of realities set in.

Realities about wild red-haired girls who climbed trees and built things

and who challenged the social norms of their times.

Realities about real dancers who struggled to get to the top,

and those were even more real to me.


But in the end it was the art of film that

captured my mind and heart.

I have been,

and always will be,

a storyteller.

And what better way than to tell a story through film,

where characters and settings and plots become real

enough to touch,

where those bears and princesses and dolls from my childhood

become more than just pictures in a book.


So, from dream houses

to dream families

and dream cars,

there rises above all, that one idea,

that one dream, the


To stand behind a camera, beside it,

watching my story come to life.

That is the life I dream for.

To be able to imagine,

then see it transform, minute by minute,

scene by scene,

film reel by film reel

(although we don’t do it that way anymore),

character by character, cut by cut,

and I have my story.


I want to be a part of the storytelling world.

And until I get there,

I’ll just have to keep dreaming.



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