I Try... But The Words Don't Come


I try but the words don't come
For once, I'm rendered speechless
And it's all because of you love.
I want to say all that's on my mind
tell you you have become my life
My light
The words just won't leave my throat
And it's all because of you love.
Days can pass, as they have to date
Since I met you - nothing is the same
Everything is great.
With you in my life 
I am not alone
And I finally realized
Why I never felt at home.
It's all because of you love.
They say home is where your heart lies
I found it all there, within your eyes.
Your smile - too to play host
My heart is could be yours.
Strength is found within this weakness
I never realized until now - how much I need this
How much of You.
Even though I did not know you.
Everything you are, everything you create
Beauty, passion, life - Give and take.
Love could be. 
It's all because of you dear that
I am complete.
By your side, I find myself wishing to stay
In your heart, I want to grow and  to remain
The light you lit - lets burn it brighter
Within our care - this will become a flooding fire
We can have it all - you and I
Chase the stardust through the skies
Love each other until our bodies retire 
And in the end - only then
Will it all begin, once again.
This is fated, and we have no boundaries of space and time.
Always Yours - Always Mine.


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