Nature's Calling


Can you clear your mind, listen with your ears,

Nature has been trying to call for years.

The wind outside comes alive, turning into a hurricane,

drowning out all other cries by rushing rain.

Elsewhere, axes are falling and trees silently scream in pain,

such destruction that never seems to wane.

Flowers are blooming and scattering rays of light,

but always stand strong at a fire's might.

The beautiful land is destroyed and by civilization it is taken,

causes the nature's beast to slowly awaken.

Nobody seems to be answering when Nature calls,

and ignore the signs of forest fires and flooding rainfalls.

We seem to keen on destroying its goods,

yet complain when we are subject to her thrashing moods.

Storms like these will come and go,

this is the nature we both have come to know.

But now I have a question for you,

if Nature calls, what would you do?


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