Todays Ideal Wowan

Short Skirt, seven inches above the knee

Long acrylic nails and pedicured feet

Half shirt top, exposing of the breasts,

Just covering the face with makeup, not caring about the rest

Welfare? Indeed, it goes to the dress

Sometimes th nails, or maybe a hair press

Child support? Definetly, it goes to her too,

But not the baby who's sick with the Flu

Living with a man, giving all of herself

Who gives her nothing but broken bones and bad health

No respect for mom, not even for her race,

Giving herself everyday to men just to see Washington's face

No high school diploma, blame the guy

Only eighteen years old struggling to survive

HIV positive with a life ahead,

Lucid of happiness, accepting pain instead

This is how our women are today

Shall we stive and try to make this change

Long skirt, three inches below the knee,

No acylic nails, nor the pedicured feet

Fully dressed, no welfare,

Embrasing her beauty, embracing her nappy thick hair

Without child support, no need for that,

Married happily, indeed a fact

Happy child in good health,

With a mother who obtains repect for others and herself

High school diploma and PhD

A well paying job, no HIV

Living up to her mother, honor and respect

Pride in her heritage with no regrets

taking what life gives,

Learning and flourishing from it,

That's how you become an Ideal Woman


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