Entitled: Najarri Samuel Whitehead

But that's all you read.

Skipped past the prologue, and examined the pictures.

So in reality you only saw the happiness, the joy.

Never walking the heartache and pain.

Depressed feelings and suicidal thoughts that you'll never know of.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why?"

"Is this is what life's supposed to look like?"

At times I did and at others I didn't want to live it.

See you joke and play, you laugh, you think everything's OK.

But when I go home I cry, ask the lord why, and wish for a better day.

They say never judge a book by its cover.

So why is it that a black boy with a hood over his head and tea labeled suspect?

We live in a cruel world.

Where they spit on the fallen, step on the weak, and glorify the strong.

Maybe before you look at the pictures you should read the prologue.

Maybe before you make that joke, you should ask to walk in my shoes.

Don't ask it ok, because you'll never know my story.

Just my entitlement to the world:

Najarri Samuel Whitehead


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