Life is gift from God

But you have to earn that gift

You can’t just expect things to happen

Or else they never will


Life is about persistence

Hard work and dedication pays off

Slacking and cheating won’t get you far

So push yourself to succeed


Life works in weird ways

It’s not always our plan

Things happen for a reason

But they all workout in the end


Life is about believing

Don’t let obstacles destroy your dreams

Instead formulate a new plan

And keep on fighting


Life is all about giving

So why not help someone in need

Instead of being on the sideline

Donate your time instead


Life is about forgiveness

Never hold a grudge

It takes a strong person to move on

And it sure feels a whole lot better


Life is about love

Commitment to another

Family and friends

And loving oneself


Life is an adventure

It is different for everyone

But you must live it to the fullest

And never ever back down


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