Sun, 10/15/2017 - 18:11 -- Jozondi

Yeah I found the light so now I begin my dream chasing
Once your on this path I promise you that there’s no escaping
Legend in the making Mold is shaping get the camera taping
Minds up in the clouds but I promise that it’s not from vaping
Planted in the music game but still got to grow my roots
Much to learn much to earn before My words can raise the roof
I hope to be a honored legend and become convincing proof
That you can always live your dreams and that’s a universal truth
Step 1 to your dreams Is to visualize it within your mind
Then send it down your spine
And let your whole body become aligned
To a purpose thats worth living for
From Healing people to feeding poor
Don’t let power corrupt your core
These bars are Loki but I’m Thor
And now that you see purpose
define it from top to surface
Don’t ever go and feel worthless
Ignore the words of the serpent

Cause I mean it you are a blessing
Please avoid thoughts that are depressing
Don’t worry let go of the stressing
But on your vision just keep obsessing

Step 2, Go Make Your Plan
Work out the details as best as you can
Dreams have you dizzy like you spinning with the fan
Let your visions stay young like it’s named Peter Pan (Yeah)
I’m going to hard on the beat (Yeah)
Plates surround I’m about to feast (Yeah)
You’ll think it’s the movie all girls are beauty and men we are all of the beast (Yeah)

Step 3 Like eggs get to cracking
Newtons law nothing happens without action
Long road ahead so we get to packing
Legendary Leaders (Yeah) Birth of a faction

Through the Trials In life stay strong (Aye)
Be the king and the beast like Kong (Aye)
Bringing spirit to the lyrics of the song
Wake you up with this sound like I’m bout to hit a gong (Aye)
I attack never waiting for the moment (Yeah)
Every track I get on imma own it(Yeah)
Vision of the future I got shown it (Aye)
On my craft everyday got to hone it (Aye)
Stay flying on the track like I drone it (Aye)
Gladiator on the mic like I’m roman (Aye)
Savage dog with the verse yeah I’m foaming (Aye)
Sneak attack with my words like a Trojan

I believe in you and I know it’s hard to perform
When in your mind there are storms
Of Darkness that are the norm
So please let this message swarm you
Hope that it warms you
I am on your team (QUICK Aye) I’m wearing the uniform too
 Ladies you’re greatness insecurity to what you smile about
Your “ugly” laugh is beautiful as I see that the true persons out
Everywhere you step got us thirsty like you cause the drought
Just know your greatness like the movie is both Inside Out
And My DUDES like I said before in the song WE THE MONSTA
AND I wasn’t Lion when I said it we Mufasa
So much so we are who the company wants to sponsor
And we got the will to go on in our lives and prosper

And that be the truth to everyone that is listening
Sprint to your dreams like there gold you know they glistening
But Enjoy your life that’s the most important mission
Like it’s top classified in the FBI’s division
So go and live life ,like your not promised tomorrow
Why waste all your time dwelling in the sorrow
It will only leave you hollow promise nothing will follow
Be the sun in others lives, yeah that’s right be Apollo
And I know I’ve said a lot but I’m sorry storms not over
Yeah my rap has got range like I’m sitting in the rover
Call me cameraman the way that I’m giving you exposure
And I’m lucky for my life, yeah I’m blessed, four leaf clover
So much I want to give to this world that has given
As I have a chance to rise up to those who have risen
And I want to give bars that free the people unlike prison
 On this track you know I gas like a car with emission
But first I have to pass my IA’s and IB
Before I can get to the glory that IC
Before I can be rapping at parties with ID
I love where I’m from shoutout to the IE

It’s gonna be a journey that’s full of the ups and downs
But don’t be scared of IT not talking about the clowns
And I’m sure in your path that doubt will be all around
Hang on until you win and you will have the only crown
Yeah my raps are cold like I’m Yachty drinking sprite
Stay flying on the track like my middle name is kite
And when I’m rapping on the beat spit the heat but still polite
I know all the pain you have turn your darkness to your light

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