Dreams of Dreamers

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 00:49 -- Dicey

When we are little we dream

The sea

the sky

the stars

are all limitless

We are little we dream with no boundaries


Those dreams may lead to where we end

Or they may let us simply begin

They transform us

Let us grow


And our final dream job or end may be where we began


But maybe not

I dreamed of horses 

Of riding the the wind

And I did until I fell 

Thrown through the wind 

And found myself still


Trapped within a body of pain

I worked to regain




I began a new dream of Physical Therapy of learning to simply get back on my feet


It takes four years a bachelor 

Then maybe 

just maybe 

you'll make it in

to a doctorate program 

And finally begin


A physical therapist

You have to be fit

a thinker creator

A pusher motivator

A teacher 

A seer of truth in a haze of fatigue


You must look towards those around you




Maybe even a little pixie dust

To gain the trust of those you are trying to help stand


Like those who helped myself once long ago

So that once again we may all ride the wind

Like little kids we dream

A captain sails through the sea

A figure skater in the olympics twirls in the air

A dreamer we are as we aim for the stars











I like this, I hope you reach your dreams.

Good luck!

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