I am the secret adventures through the woods.

I am the distant sounds of singing.

I am the late night games of tag with childhood friends.

I am the voices intertwining to become one song.

I am the dirty knees from baseball games.

I am the grass stains from stealing home.

I am the summer afternoon kickball games.

I am the broken flip flops and messy ponytails.

I am the jeans and t-shirt days.

I am the dresses and high heel nights.

I am the games of red rover that no one wins.

I am the sand between your toes on the beach.

I am the iced tea and cookies after a day of sun.

I am the dirty and paint chipped fingernails.

I am the games of lava in the living room while mom is making supper.

I am the sibling rivalry and "accidents" when your brother is coincidentally nearby.

I am the tears when you have hit your breaking point.

I am the cheers when you have reached success.

I am the sneakers and shorts running through the creek.

I am the person you have always known yet never understood.

I am the person that you can relate to if you try.

I am girl that shares her secrets but never forgets to listen to yours.

I am the person you see in the mirror.

I am like you.

I am myself.

I am Morgan Jane.

I am me.


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