Through the Rain

Through the rain,

there's sunshine;

a whole new sphere for you and I.

Let's you and me, we'll go together,

and create a world that's all our own.

In this place of loneliness and grief,

where no one is listening,

no one is there,

and you just have to wonder,

if you leave would anyone care?

You've got to take a step back,

take a deep breath,

let it in.

Come with me, we'll go together,

and we'll make it through the rain.

We're starting this journey, 

and at times the path may seem long.


Feel the pouring rain,

feel it on your face.

Look towards the sky.

Can you see it?

Feel it?

Through the rain,

the world coming anew,

there's a place, 

for me and for you.

When everything's dark,

and you're cold and alone,

come take my hand,

and I promise you,

we'll make it through,

and after the rain,

fresh and new,

the sun will rise again.

        Wash away the pain from yesterday,

        There's so much we could do,

        you see?

        The warm sun's out,

        and so are we.

It all will be so crystal clear;

After the rain,


we're here.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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