Tue, 02/14/2017 - 18:31 -- cdjran

Love is sharing 

Of what you have

It maybe be advises

It maybe time

For a person

Who needs it

So badly like me

People needs love

But they don't know how

They search for it

In many things

Like career



But love is with someone

Who has the feelings

To share

What they have

That make you happy

Make you continue life

That makes you blind

And do crazy things

Forget the hurt feelings

And continue living

Love is like wind

You can't see how it happen

But you feel it's warmth

It inspired you

To do things for other

Love goes in mysterious way

But love makes a person

Alive and awesome

Let's give love to others

And let love prosper

Love conquers everything

And makes you a wonderful person.



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