Spotless Mind

Little girl,

laying on her bed,

quick bed time stories.

O' story times.

I'll take you by the hand little girl,

to our new adventure.

Past the times of your infancy,

through your childhood dreams.


We were riding on a white stallion,

as I'd like to think.

Wish it was so.

But it wasn't.

Through the storm,

you made it through.


Yelled out to me,

for comfort and security.


Here I Am.

I won't leave you.


Little girl,

lying on your bed.

You'll always be my little girl.

Come to me my girl,

I'll make it better.

Trust IN Me.


My little girl,

my precious bundle of joy,

my sweet love.


Don't forget about me.

I know the past once hurt you,

and you'd like to leave it all behind,

forget about it as it never happened.


We can do that.

Just let me in,

I will make your mind spotless...

as if it never happened.


My girl, I Am here. Believe.


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