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What is life ? life is you life is me its a mother giving birth it's birds and tree's some value it others let it pass them by living without a care time is a virtue something we can't get back in a blink of eye life can diminish take your time this is not a race you've heard it before slow and steady wins the race good things come to those who wait the good out weighs the bad and the wrong never prospers be what you wanna be and never settle for less put your best foot forward and pray for the best your hard work may go unnoticed but don't let that hold you back hold your head up high wear your invisible crown proudly God put us here to be kings and queens so why not achieve this and other great things people may judge you and try to hurt you with words but shoo those haters on they just wanna bring you down stay focused and push forward letting nothing hold you back you have the keys to success you just have to see it you only get one life here on earth how will you live it ?


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