The Key

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 13:53 -- Goth-B

Music is the key to the soul

Our twisted hearts bound by these shackles

Take this key and remove your chains


Free from judgement,

Our emotions speak

Our thoughts intertwine with the rhythm

The words from your mouth dance with the beat

Melancholy, pure bliss, resentment

Combine in one emotion to create what you feel


You don't need to speak

Just breathe

Let the music take the lead

Follow its footsteps

Be one with the soul

For that is the way to reach your goal


Melody is her name,

For she is wise and sweet

Take her hand and sway in the night

She will guide your lips through this time


When all things are said and done

Beat, Rhythm, and Melody become one

They kiss you and say goodbye


Listen to the masterpiece you four created

These three women,

Are the ones you should thank.


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Our world
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