The Strength of My Soul

The Strength of My Soul

By: Jomar A. Mendoza


Inside my soul,

There lies the source of life.

That very thing is a combination

Of the souls of my ancestors.

My soul is built by those who struggled,

Those who were beaten

Those who gave their lives.

Our souls are now intertwined

Like the African and Latino blood that flows through my veins.

Their spirit gives me strength.

The strength to persevere,

The strength to overcome my fears.

Fears of being all that I can be,

Fears of flying in the sky.

Each sacrifice they made

Serves as another puzzle piece

Of what make me, me.

During the times of pain and despair,

Arms from within lift me up.

Up, up, up to the horizon

Where my soul is free.

Free as the air in the sky,

With the choice to become whatever I set my mind to,

And precipitate on the world

The blessings that were given to me

When my soul was created.

Created from the shattered pieces of those before me.

My soul will forever fly free

All I beg is for the world to never cut my wings.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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