Caterpillar oh so slow. Moving at a pace so as not to show. 
Your mind slowly growing and growing.
 Learning and being twisted as you go.
 Caterpillar that moves so slow.
Caterpillar wise in your ways
they started messing with your mind as you went along with your day.  Caterpillar did you know that you would evolve one day?
Did they make your decisions along the way?  Did you know that you were born into a cocoon? awaiting for the day you’d turn into a butterfly too. 
Monarch did you know you were so wise? 
Did you come out of the cocoon already with knowledge to fly?  Do they guide you and control your flights? can you make your own decisions or are they controlling your mind? 
Do you remember who you once were or did that go away?
Try to remember where you got started.  Don’t let them in or your life will be departed. 
You are too beautiful to let them lead you to your death.
 You soar through the wind but who leads your way? 
Butterfly why do you let them in? 
Take charge of your flight and rejoice in your new life.
Monarch butterfly regain control of your life.

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