Little Ant in the Ant Hole



Little ant in the hole,

Go dig like a mole,

Little ant in the hole,

Don’t go explore.


For you do not know what is out there,

The unknown is forbidden, and that is why it is evil.


Look! Over there! Is that another ant?

It is! But how? Our ant hole,

Is the only ant hole. Could it be?


Could it be that more ant holes exist?

Could it be that the world is bigger than three feet?


Go into the unknown you say?

Where horrid creatures lay in invisible hay?

Evil, evil, evil place that is, The unknown,

The unknown must not, cannot, be explored.


Art thou a moron? The unknown has endless possibilities,

Possibilities of unthinkable success.


Go explore! Meet new faces,

Go explore! And visit exotic places,

Horrid, boring, alluring, or moving,

Leave the ant hole, and visit the North Pole.



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