Like Leo, Like Fire


Long ago, the fire was dwindling

With a roar, it kindled and manifested might

That devastating roar was realization;

I wasn’t truly alive


This is the element of my sign:

Fire – absolute invigoration and power

A spiral of character and flame intertwine,

Conjuring strength and tenacity to endure


To be bold, to express, to love and lead

Extinguishing this inferno it is unthinkable

Bursting waves traverse through me

Like racing flares of fireworks, I ignite!


I left behind who I had been

That girl, timid and fearful, is at last out, gone!

Now I embrace revelation and energy within

Releasing it from its cage where it hid so long


I stand like a bonfire raging in the night

Burning brighter than the break of dawn

I rise above to persevere, and fight!

I am a Leo.


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