The Never Ending

I've heard that some are bound 

By causes, boldly stated,

They roar their motivations 

To a world they think will listen.

I know people who think love

Is all that there can be,

That there is nothing beyond it,

No truth nor necessity. 

I've heard that other virtues

Like Justice, Mercy, Compassion, or Courage,

Can drive a soul throughout its life,

And give this world a newfound meaning.

But me? What drives me on?

Each time I think I know, it's gone. 

Every thing I once adored 

Starts to bore me, more and more. 

But, if I am truly me, then something constant

Must exist.


It drove Caesars to rule, and DaVincis to create,

It fueled the dreams of poets, and gave fire to mankind,

It reflects the breath of God that breathed life into the world.

I am but a method for this force that makes one move,

For it lived before I lived and will live after I'm gone,

Because inside my sould exists a never ending inspiration


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