When Colors Speak

In the beginning, there was a moment of silent screams. Everyone wanted me to say the right things. Everything wanted me to act the right way. When words first stained my eyes and ears, life finally began. In the matter of a day, I could eat chicken pizza on Jupitor with Danzig without leaving my room. If life became serious or depressing, I could express forbidden without harming myself or others. The speciality of writing lies within the ability to describe one thing with multiple words. A perfect example is that crush you had in highschool. You could stare at them for hours, it felt like years. Every shade and complexity on them made your mind explode in feelings unknown yet understood. With poetry, there will always be that spark of excitment and discovery of emotions. Time itself can not stop for any man, but writing can stop the time of any person. As grand and impossible as this sounds, it is the simpliest task anyone can do. That right there is the pure beauty of literature and the possibilities we can achieve with just the stroke of a pen.  

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