The Chords of my freedom. What's your music?

Sat, 04/02/2016 - 12:10 -- Ka3lani

So many days.

Too many to count.

I've sat here alone, quiet, no sounds...

Silence and sadness were my only two friends.

Stealing and eating my life from within.


So many days.

Too many to count.

I struggled and struggled to change myself.

Wanting and wishing that I could fit in,

but always ended with living the same way I've been.


So many days,

too many to count...


I found something new,

it's changing the view

of how I used to see things before me.

I feel much more alive - just like I've opened my eyes 

from years and years of them closing.


It's changed me for the better

how could I ask for something more. 

It's sweet melodies are like no other,

it's sounds I adore.

There is no words to describe,

when I play notes from a page,

the feeling I get when I breath them alive

it takes away the pain.


So many days,

too many to count.


It's getting easier, it is. 

Believe me when I say it's true.

My old friends have moved away,

giving me a chance to live 

and oh- I am doing it day by day.


I play from the heart, not from my mind

it's sounds are the only thing that kept me alive.

When I was alone, music was there, to wrap me up in it's soothing air.

It has shaped me. It has taught me. It has pushed me. It has freed me.

It's made me the woman I am today.

It gave me a family to laugh with, a lover to love with, and a home to stay. 

I couldn't ask for anything more.


So many days, 

too many to count.

I sit here with my family, laughing so loud.

My best friend is at my side, helping me move on

and my lover is with me from dusk 'till dawn.


So many days...

Too many to count...

I am finally happy with the life I have now.


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My family
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This is beautiful, it spoke to my heart. I could relate to it.

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