I Will Rise


United States
33° 56' 9.006" N, 118° 19' 53.7024" W

Day in and Day out
Its the same fight
With you and with myself
The tears flood my eyes
The sharp metal in my grasp

To take it and escape
To take it and bring pain
To take it and finally be free
From you
From me

But Day in and Day out
I try to resist
I try to fight as they kick me while I'm down
With name after name they grind me into the ground
Brusie after bruise cause of word after word

Yet I still get up
Why do I fight?
I still don't know
Why do I not just finally give up

I finally know
I will not let them win
I will not give them the satisfaction of watching me disintegrate beneath them
I will not
I will not

So once the kicking
The screaming
The spiting is done
I will smile a bloody smile at everyone who hurt me
As I limp away
Because I will not die
I will survive

I will no longer drown in a pool of "you can't"
Because I can
I will

I will no longer stand in this pit of fire you created
Because I can
I will

I will rise from the ashes and sore high above everyone who put me down
Because I can
I will

One day I will
Because I can


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