The Story of My First Poem

I am my father's son,

Or I was anyway before I started tenth grade.

The day I found out I just wanted run,

None of my friends could understand how heavy everything weighed.


The first day of class everone was energetic and brisk.

Not me, I was sitting by myself at the back.

Until a beautiful girl took a risk,

She sat down beside me and put down her pack.


At that moment everything still felt grey,

She turned to me and said I'm sorry about your dad.

I felt like crying so I just looked the other way, 

Until she got in front of me and told me not to be sad.


I walked out of class and wanted to leave, 

I sat outside and thought about what she saw.

She was trying to help, but I just needed to grieve,

I suddenly realized that isn't such a bad flaw.


Later that night I thought about what to say,

I decided to give her a poem the next day.


This poem is about: 
My family


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