Sun, 07/14/2013 - 22:32 -- JBWELL3



Oh Angelic Extension of my mind's orchestra

Form your divine halo

 Block daily screeches from the my mental sanctuary

Whisper meditative melodies that will help me transcend carnal noise

Heighten my inner being and deaden the carnal fantasies


Puff Puff...I mean Bump Bump...I like this Beat

So please hit me one more time

I am not Brittney Spears

But pierce through the external glass

Releasing your flowing life to my world's center

Blocked out by all...only a few can enter the


Code Red emergency emergency

Finding external assistance to cease a silent scream

But tangible aide...like B.O.B said...it’s just a dream

So I’ll awaken to spiritual reality

And receive my treatment from the Trinity

This is the complexity

Lying within the inner me

No one can translate this language so simp-l-y

Only God-assigned persona can translate my inner mysteries


So for now these headphones take reign and drop calming nourishment on my thirsty soul


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