Music Is In Us

Nothing else on this earth has more power than music.

It makes hearts pound,

And eyes water.

It lifts spirits,

And soothes pain.

Music can make us feel emotions we never thought existed.

Magic may not exist, but music does.


Music is the only universal language,

It knows no borders,

And speaks when words fail.

Even when people don’t understand each other,

Music connects them.

It flows through every culture,

And has been heard throughout history,

From the mournful slave songs

To the vibrant compositions of Mozart.

Music is everywhere.


It is not just a human creation,

There is music to be found in nature,

But only if you listen for it.

The Earth is God’s concert hall,

And all of nature plays a part.

The wind whistles, birds sing, and water laughs,

Trees moan, wolves howl and leaves crackle,

And all come together in one glorious, never ending symphony.


Music is a metaphor for life,

The crescendos and decrescendos in a song

Mirror the ups and down we all face in our lives.

Music teaches us to

Love the harmony in life,

Appreciate the dissonance,

And accept that life wouldn’t be complete without both.


The powerful effect music has is awe-inspiring,

Its ability to inspire, relax, focus, and heal is without equal.

Music is not just notes and chords,

It is passion and raw emotion,

It is the very manifestation of our souls,

A way to express things that we can’t say,

Music is all around us

And music is in us.

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