I'm Okay

Cursed lips that say my name

That first kiss I'd hate to claim

Evil disguised as a beautiful girl

My heart was blinded from another world

To say my name you have to know it first

To know my name you have to hold my heart

You broke my heart my name is lost

...I lost my train of thought.

The introduction of my life

Proof that I am still alive,

A certain madness that lasted for two weeks

The Freaks and geeks that name the new me,

The colors changing, blue to green

Take me back to mercury

Tell me that I'm boring you

You aren't the one, I don't love you

I was, singing the wrong songs

bringing my voice down

I've changed my sound and now my triumphs on a different cloud

I fly higher I'm not hiding behind her lies

I want to be that one, not the other guy

I used to think that love was not real

Thanks to her dark heart

Back when I would get shot down from two yards

Two years passed and I'm still alive

Sorry darling, but you're gone

Tell the world the beautiful evil died

You can hear her soul in every song.

I'll give her life again so she can try to change it

Or it's goodbye forever, nightmares for ages

I've lived in a dream, but now I've been awakened

My heart is still broken, I'm still nameless.


But I'm okay


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