Poetry Is

Poetry is like a window
Where nothing is hidden
The transparency of it all
Makes you go the far distance
To show your true emotion
Feels like your floating in an ocean
The ease of your mind
Takes you on a journey
Far past your focus

Poetry is why I speak
Even when I'm feeling weak
The pain runs through my veins
And into my fingers
And turns into words
and the pen lingers
To capture the heart
In every letter
To evoke my thoughts
And make everything better

Poetry is

Poetry is my way to inspire
Not only me, but everything that transpires
The joy I feel
When I make a difference
from powerful words
To the depth of the sentence
The hope it gives
And the life it touch
Poetry, something I cant get enough

Poetry is

I remember I was so afraid
And poetry made me not be afraid
Made me not fear, ever again
Made me free, when I picked up that pen
And touched the paper, the ink came out
Which started my dreams
Took a different route
Poetry helped me
be who I'm today
And gave me a voice, that I can say

Poetry is love
Poetry is kind
Poetry is an inspiration
Poetry is a sign

Poetry I speak
Poetry I live
Poetry is wisdom
Poetry I give

Poetry is a anchor
Poetry is a gift
Poetry is emotion
Poetry is.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

continue to express yourself and build off your ideas

amazing poem

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