Upon the Leaving of my Home



Final Farewells are never a happy event. My heart slowly broke I as I walked through one last time. It had been newly remodeled and all I could see was how it used to be. I could see the all the old furniture the mirrors on the walls the pictures in the rows, I could even tell what picture went where. The kitchen cabinets smelt the same I cried when I saw that the old utensil rack was gone. It about killed me to see the master bedroom gone with nothing left, not even a whisper of the past. It was hard to say my last good bye but as they would say "Its life's next big adventure." Oh how I'll miss that place. That forever and always will be my home. I could still hear the big band playing on the stereo and the bacon frying in the pan and the organ playing in the living room. I could see the Christmas tree from our last Christmas, the clothes in the closets and the sheets on the bed, and the carpet so deep, so soft. Oh, how I'll never forget the love in Grandma and Grandpa's house. I sit here now crying alone I've learned that people come and go but their love lasts forever.



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